About Us

We’re big believers in playing to our strengths. So, in May 2011, when we decided to go into business together, it was pretty obvious what we’d do.

Cath had spent over ten years in recruitment, for clients in advertising, digital, TV and media and Liz had 15 years’ experience in marketing and digital – both agency and client side.

We combined our knowledge, skills and experience and Talent Hub was born.

  • Testimonial #1

    Talent Hub has been one of our valued recruitment agencies over the last couple of years, who have helped us to recruit vacancies within our Marketing team. Cath, Liz and the rest of their team have taken the time to understand the…

    HR, a client in the Education Sector
  • Testimonial #2

    We really appreciate their honest and quick to respond approach, they don’t give us the “hard sell” which many recruitment agencies often try to do

    HR Manager, global brand, Sussex
  • Testimonial #3

    Cath, Liz and the rest of their team have taken the time to understand the culture and nature of our business, which means they only submit the best candidates who are most suited to the role requirements and who often possess specialist…

    Marketing Manager, Sussex

Why Choose Us?

Small and single-minded

Seven years on and we’ve kept the business deliberately small. We never set out to be the biggest – we’ve only wanted to be the best.

Our success has come from sticking to what we know. It would be too easy to diversify and accept briefs that are out of our comfort zone, but we don’t ever want to let ourselves or our clients down.

Honest and upfront

If we don’t think we can find the right people, we’ll say so. If it’s a discipline we don’t fully understand, we won’t pretend we do. And if we’re too busy and won’t be able to deliver, we’ll be honest and turn down the work.

So when we do accept a brief, you’ll know we’ll give it everything we’ve got. It’s a strategy that’s worked well for us, and our clients, for the past five years.

Motivated by Matchmaking

There’s no better feeling than making someone’s dream come true. We take great pride in being able to match people with jobs they love, in businesses that will love them back.

To help build long-term relationships between candidates and clients we focus on getting the chemistry right. So we match on culture as well as qualifications, attitudes as well as aptitudes.

Supportive and impartial

Whether you’re a job seeker or an employer we’ll treat you with the exactly the same level of respect and care. We’ll listen to what you really want for your business or your career.

Unlike some agencies, we’d never dream of pushing a candidate on an employer or an employer on a candidate. If the chemistry’s not there, that’s fine – we’ll keep going until we find it.

Our Team