Social media manager

Client-side or agency, B2B or B2C, there are certain social media skills that are always in demand by employers — and they are not always the ones you would expect. Sure, the basics of how to use the various social media channels and how to craft a message are vital, but there are a few more surprising skills that are in-demand too.

1. Grit
As described by Jonny Cash as ‘...the gravel in your guts, and the spit in your eye’, to be a successful Social Media Manager, you need to have grit. Without determination and ambition, you won’t be looking to smash targets and deliver growth.
2. Humour
In some roles, your sense of humour is best revealed on a Friday afternoon after a year of loyal service. Not so in social media, where you need a ready smile and a light wit to demonstrate to employers that you have the personality to engage online and create viral content.
3. Graphic design
It might be a whole other profession, but good graphic design skills are vital for a successful Social Media Manager. It’s a fact that images get better engagement, so to create good content on the fly that fits a company’s visual branding, you need graphic design skills.
4. Curiosity
If you are not curious about how the rest of marketing mix interacts with social media, and you are not constantly striving to learn more, then social media marketing is not the right profession for you.
5. Confidence
Having the confidence in your own social media skills to act as a champion for social media marketing within the business is essential. Be loud, be proud, stay positive.
6. SEO
Social media doesn’t affect SEO directly says Google guru Matt Cutts, but it does affect it indirectly. You have to understand how social media affects SEO, and how content marketing glues them both together.
7. Empathy
Working online, it can be easy to forget you are dealing with real people. Empathy and understanding are vital to providing the good customer service that underpins the Social Media Manager role.
8. Analytical
Having a good old-fashioned TV detective hunch about social media strategy isn’t enough in these days of big data. To successfully steer social media strategy you have to have excellent analytical skills, as well as be comfortable with understanding and communicating statistics.
9. Restlessness
In social media marketing there is no time to rest on your laurels. The relentlessly rapid pace of change means you need to be constantly looking at what’s next. New technologies, new channels, new means of engaging — you always need to be looking for the next game changer.
10. Integrity
Last, but by no means least, integrity is essential in social media marketing. Whether you are preparing content, or engaging with customers and clients from all walks of life, communicating on the level and in an appropriate manner is the key to success for a Social Media Manager.

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