specialist marketing recruitment agency

Choosing the right agency to work with when filling a marketing role can make all the difference to the recruitment process. Marketing recruitment is offered by most general recruitment agencies and any good quality recruiter will be able to provide a professional service. But, to be sure you have made the best possible decision you need to use a specialist.

Here’s how a specialist marketing recruitment agency adds value:

1. A specialist is exclusive. Rather than working with a mass of candidates, it offers a small, select and carefully edited selection of the most talented individuals with the most in-demand skills. It will spend time getting to know and understand the skills and experience of its candidates. This means it is able to recommend individuals, not CVs, saving you time filtering and interviewing candidates, and allowing you to focus the recruitment process on your organisation’s needs and strategic business goals.

2. To access in-depth knowledge of the local and national marketing job market, a specialist agency is unbeatable. The marketing industry is fast-paced and dynamic, with digital innovations causing frequent change. A specialist will be up to date with the latest digital trends, and how they impact on marketing industry recruitment. By dealing exclusively with marketing functions, they will have an overview of what skills are currently the most sought after, and the current salaries in that field. Better still, they will have a closer understanding of how recruiting certain skills and specialisms will support business goals.

3. As every HR professional knows, there is no one size fits all recruitment solution. Quite apart from the differences between B2B and B2C marketing, the differences between marketing departments can be vast, even if they are in the same broad sector. The marketing strategy and tactics used by a luxury tour operator will be almost unrecognisable compared to those of a budget coach hire company, and yet they are both in the travel industry. The needs analysis consultation performed by a specialist marketing recruitment agency will be invaluable in identifying the transferable skills and experience needed to meet strategic resourcing requirements.

4. To stay at the top of its game, a specialist agency will be at the cutting edge of marketing recruitment, staying attuned to HR and recruiting trends. The top talent in marketing are by definition forward-thinkers and digital natives, and so an in-depth knowledge of the latest expectations of the best candidates is essential. Whether their expectations are a positive candidate recruitment experience, or the omnichannel distribution of job postings, a specialist marketing recruitment agency will understand its candidates and their needs.

5. A specialist marketing recruitment agency is a hub for the top talent in the industry. They are likely to have a good reputation and profile in the marketing industry, and so will have better contacts. Many candidates— particularly at a senior level— do not register with general agencies as they are not in any hurry to move roles, instead preferring to trust the specialist agency to alert them to a position they would find of interest. Working with a specialist agency targets your talent search and saves time.

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