Given our line of work, we meet a LOT of marketers and people who work in the marketing field.  They talk about how they have increased sales of products and how they improved the brand perception of their business or services.  These people are generally very passionate about what they do and how they do it, speaking animatedly about which platforms and tools they used to speak to their customers and how some prefer digital to print, some prefer CRM to brand and how comms is key. Yet when it comes to selling themselves - they don't do it with the same gusto as they do in their jobs. And why is this? Is it because we're very British and its frowned upon to speak of ones skills and achievements, for fear of being seen to brag or boast? Why be so modest - if you're going to get you're dream job then you have to learn to sell yourself too!

The tools and platforms people use in marketing in their jobs aren't that different from what we have to sell ourselves, and when you're looking for a new job, the tools you have are your CV, how you describe your skills and achievements in an interview situation and of course how you present yourself through your attire and styling.

So we must all be able to speak confidently about what we can do, explain articulately how we do it and why we love it so much. Surely this is just the brand positioning and sales techniques people use in marketing everyday. Because we are all our own brand and how we present ourselves and describe what we do, well, that's just marketing!


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