You can’t get away from social media these days and not surprisingly with over 1 Billion active Facebook profiles, 646 Million Twitter users and over 260 Million people on LinkedIn nearly everyone is connected. With this in mind businesses and job seekers are utilising these numbers and tapping into this resource to advertise and get jobs.

At Talent Hub we have active profiles across the whole social sphere so you will always be able to find us on the three big sites advertising our jobs. As people spend more of their time on social networks (an average of 40 minutes per day) it is good idea to find out how you can use this for your own benefit. 38% of job hunters look on LinkedIn, 20% use Twitter and 14% use Facebook. These percentages are huge and can be a great reserve of untapped possibilities. Plus with paid advertisement growing you can get a broad range of people to see your post so that you can reach a greater demographic meaning a higher chance of appropriate candidates.

Keeping an active profile for any business is vital. Most candidates will use social media to see how you react with your customers as it gives them an insight of how your business operates. If you have no online presence it can show that you may not be taking enough initiative, also if you are online but don’t keep it up to date it can work against people wanting to work for your company. Another aspect to being online is portraying a fun culture to entice people to your company.  On the side of the job hunter, an online presence is just as important as it gives businesses’ an opportunity to look at you and see how you are as a person and to see if you take an active and creative approach to your own profession by liking, sharing articles, infographics etc on marketing.

The most important network to be on when it comes to job searching is of course LinkedIn. The networking site where you put your CV online, connect with present and ex colleagues and see what companies are hiring. As this site grows it will be more paramount to make sure you are part of this hub. It will allow companies to head hunt you and to see if your experience is endorsed by others which can be a great influence and reference based method for future employers to see your core strengths.

Social media is very much here to stay and growing every day. It can be such a great tool for job resourcing in a modern business environment. So get yourself on to these sites and sign up for them if you haven’t already. As a side note when Talent Hub puts you forward for jobs we recommended a good practise guide to delete any tweets, comments, pictures that would be deemed inappropriate. As mentioned employers do search and look you up to learn more about you and sometimes are best left private.

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