Recruitment has come a long way from the forceful sales type trying to make you take any job they can they can throw at you. Now if you take that approach you don’t get very far. Modern recruitment is tailored to your needs, experience and can offer endless options to creating a more fulfilling profession which is a methodology Talent Hub stands by.

Jobs are still scarce but they are out there, though sometimes it is just too hard to find the time to seek them out so getting in touch with a recruitment agency can take most of the work out of job searching, especially if you are still working at the time and don’t want to spend your free evenings and weekends looking.

At Talent Hub we see each of our prospective candidates in person or Skype so we can get a real feel for your strengths and wishes from your next job for individual professional development. This way if you have a keen interest in Travel or Health let’s say, we can adapt what we put you forward for in correlation to your wants and requirements. Another important aspect to this personal touch is we also get to know your personality type so we can fit you into a work environment that fits the right culture for you as you don’t want to be put forward for a job that doesn’t fit your personal ethos and want to leave before you’ve really even started.

An additional aspect of recruitment agencies is their exclusivity with certain job roles, some brands and businesses don’t have the time to deal with enrolment so go out house and strike up a private deal with that agency. So if you ever wonder why you can’t find that role at that elusive company you’ve always want to work for, most probably they are working with an agency. We can also send out your CV to numerous different exclusive clients cutting down your time of faffing about emailing individual job specs making it a far more efficient way to job hunt. We basically do most of the work, all you need to do is turn up to the interview! We can even give custom advice about your CV making sure it is precise to what sector we send you forward for, i.e. the wording and jargon, even interview prep.

Recruitment is without a doubt the easy way to find a job. So if you are thinking about sending your CV to Talent Hub, do it and see what we can do for you! Even if you are not actively looking at the moment it can be a great strategy as you never know what opportunity can come up that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Alternatively if you are looking at the moment, have a look at our jobs page and see if there is anything that already takes your fancy before getting in touch so we can get the ball rolling as quickly as possible; email us at


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