Have you got the Video Factor?

I heard recently that Videos submitted by candidates will become increasingly common across the UK recruitment sector – perhaps even as soon as 3 years’ time. I suppose as a recruiter receiving hundreds of CV’s a week it’s a good efficient way to sift through applications bringing them to life. For some companies recruiting directly or with in house recruitment teams, it could save time with the 1st stage interview or telephone screen.  It gives applicants the opportunity to put their experience and USP’s across knowing they are being seen. Employers & Recruiters can gage personality, presentation, and communication skills quicker than if the CV landed in your inbox. On the flip side, does it place candidates in a situation where they are not being ‘natural’, too contrived trying to over sell themselves? A remix of a Britain’s Got Talent or Apprentice meets REC.

I do feel that there will be a change in how candidates are presented to clients from the agency front. But the more I consider this, the stronger I feel. As we all know, people buy from people. If we place too much technology in the way, and remove face to face screening and engagement – then I feel, we only receive half the story. Social networking is a good way of screening and researching potential candidates. But nothing is as effective as questioning and building rapport with a potential candidate / employee, when you can look into the whites of their eyes and see what’s really going on.

We all need to move forward, and remind ourselves of the basics and that personal touch too. I can really see this Video idea hitting off in the States but for the UK I don’t think we are ready for it yet.

It would be great to hear other thoughts on this. Do you have the Video Factor??


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