With a profession as cutting edge as digital marketing, the goal posts are always in flux -much like the algorithms we use on a daily basis. At Talent Hub we are starting to see a shift from the generic to the specific. The decline of the Marketing Manger is becoming more apparent as we see more demand for specialised key roles like PPC Mangers, Web Analytics, SEO Executives, etc.

As big companies continue invest heavily into their digital marketing division there is more scope to have subsections within the department. No longer do you need to be able to have a 'jack of all trades' background, where a digital job used to demand you to juggle between Analytics and AdWords and then back to your totally awesome Social Media campaign then back again to the key content strategy all before lunch time. Oh! And don't forget about that e-mail campaign that needs to be addressed asap.

There is clear benefits to business and deadlines by having specialised people working on their craft but still being part of the bigger picture to reach the 'team goal'. Or multiple goals as is normally the case! This allows everyone to bring their individual skill sets and unique work ethos to a project - which in turn promotes balance and greater personal achievements when an assignment is finally accomplished!

On the flip side to this, it is still good practise to have a basic knowledge of the finer workings of all the other disciplines in digital marketing. Eventually everyone wants to climb that ladder and to do this you'll have to have a good strategic overview of digital marketing. So make sure if you do start to specialise down one path you keep an eye on advances in the others!

So what do you think? Is the digital marketing exec/manger role starting to decline in big business? Are the more specific roles taking president?

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