We have a new member of the team!

Well, after lots of nagging and negotiations, we finally agreed to a very determined and energetic character join our team here at Talent Hub towers.  Her Name is Margot, and her skills and responsibilities include greeting our guests and over seeing meetings. As you can see here, she's already very hands on.   __________________________________________________________________________________

Exciting times!

Well, after years working in marketing and recruitment and climbing our career ladders in the corporate world, Cath and I had several conversations about how our combined skills and experience would make a great marketing recruitment agency.  So we decided to take the plunge, and make our own career ladder! The business has been weeks in the making and now we're ready to launch, we can't wait to get out there and meet some great clients and candidates. This blog will be a combination of our company news and updates; industry news and commentary.  We both keep up to date and with what's going on in Brighton,…