A dog in the office can reduce stress and improve productivity!

Recent studies reported in the press have proven that having a team member’s dog in the office can reduce stress levels, improve productivity and job satisfaction.* It has also been said that dogs make a positive difference in the workplace, and can greatly increase employee morale**

Here at Talent Hub we are very fortunate to have a little Pug called Margot in the office. She greets all of our visitors and is a valued member of the team. Talent Hub is a company which specialises in the recruitment of marketing roles in Sussex, and the South East.  Our clients span across all industries, and we work with people who have skills and experience in all disciplines of marketing, including digital, events, research and brand.

We are aware that not all businesses are lucky enough to have a dog in the office, so if you'd like a Talent Hub desk dog, please get in touch.  However, if you really want to relieve some of the stress at work by having the best marketers for your team who, could improve your business – then get in touch with us at Talent Hub!  We’re a team of ex-marketers and recruiters and we understand who and what it takes to successfully match the right people and skills for your business.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how we could work together, and please join in our campaign for office dogs and add a picture of your very own office dog.



* International Journal of Workplace Health Management

** Professor Randolf Barker, author and professor at VSU School of Business


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