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You may have seen a few posts on our social media channels about Talent Hub reaching its 5th birthday. Since we launched the business, it has been a whirlwind of hard work, tough lessons, mistakes, successes and a constant learning curve. Reaching this milestone has made us reflect, not just on the business, but also how much the industry has changed during this time.

We started when the UK was still in the recession, people were anxious about leaving their jobs to move onto pastures new, nervous about being “last in, first out”. Also, companies recruiting were also cautious, making sure every box was ticked and going through many rounds of interviews. Things are so different now, and the process seems to be, in most cases quicker. Skilled job seekers and experts in their field have more choice and opportunities. If employers drag their heels, then the job seeker can be snapped by another company during their interview process – we’ve seen it happen many times.

Also, the jobs have changed. There is a greater demand for ‘specialists’ in both the marketing and digital fields. Companies are now looking for experts in data and web analytics, as you know both have completely different skillsets in software, from MySQL to Google Analytics and social media tracking packages. There is also a high demand for industry specific skills. The roles are more technical and almost all marketing roles have a large element of digital. But then I guess that comes from how customers consume media, and how much of it. The technology behind digital advertising, apps and mobile optimised content is a minefield. Not to mention keeping with the latest algorithms for SEO and PPC!

I guess what I’m trying to say is everything changes so fast, people’s jobs, the technology, consumer behaviour and with social media, word spreads globally in minutes. So the days of just doing our jobs and not bothering what everyone else is doing are gone. If we want to stay ahead, or even keep up, we have to keep our ears to the ground, do that extra reading and not be scared to have an opinion. Goodness know what the next 5 years will bring, my guess is we will be discussing jobs that don’t even exist yet.

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