It was in the news recently that so many of us are continuing to  read and respond to emails on our daily commute and that counts as work!

The BBC reported that Emails while commuting 'Should count as work'

I am sure many of have done this ourselves and witnessed it on most train and tube journeys.

In my job I speak with many people who do the daily commute from Brighton or other towns in Sussex to London, and  their views are mainly around the frustration of delays and increasing costs. Although, for most the 3-4 hours out of their day can be challenging.

Three to four hours per day?! That is almost half the working day - just to get to work and home again. That time used to be 'downtime' to read a book or relax, although now it seems the norm for people to work on the train. Some people see it as time to prepare for the day, get ahead and / or catch up. Most people see it as a good use of the time - or is it that they are convincing themselves as it is unpaid work?! Whether your job is in marketing or digital, in Brighton, Sussex or London. Having a smartphone or laptop is all you need to do the addition work during your time.

This is additional free hours for the employers and they don't seem to complain. Where does this end, should employees have work specific phones and laptops and their hours be capped for fear of burn out or lack of work/life balance. I doubt the employers will be the first to introduce this, given the additional work they are receiving in this current situation. Perhaps its down to us, working at our jobs in our place of work only... although that line is already blurring.

Next article... working spaces. Where is your job? Standard office or shared office, hot-desking space?

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