#NEWS : Flexible working hours

I can't tell you how relieved and delighted I was to read in the news last week, that PwC is offering a new initiative for staff and how they assign projects and jobs.

It often comes up with the job seekers that we are working with, that they would like (or even need) a certain amount of flexible working hours, so that they can manage school runs and childcare etc.

Some of our clients already offer flexible hours as a standard part of the contract and it is in integral part of their culture, allowing their staff to work when is best for them. More are offering discretionary flexibility, although it is certainly not the norm yet and many companies are still very strict, not just on working hours, but when their employees can take lunch breaks.

I have worked for companies that offer a fair amount of give and take, especially if you have worked late or done overtime - and it may only be a  small amount of autonomy, but it gives a sense of appreciation and respect. The team there were happy, often work late, took pride in their work and have the attitude of 'working until the job gets done', also they created work they were proud of.  I have also worked for a company very strict with working hours and when lunch breaks were to be taken, strict dress code and silly rules like no snacking or hot drinks at your desk. This did not make for a happy team, nor did this culture get the best out of the employees. In fact, they were retisent to offer any additional time in the office, regardless of deadlines, and there was almost a stampede at 5pm of employees leaving the office.

I think offering flexible working hours, would not just benefit the employees, but also the business, output and productivity. I will be interested to see how the new initiative works at PwC and if others companies following their example.

Read the article on the BBC here


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