Are you team burnt-out? What are companies doing about it?

Are you team burnt-out? What are companies doing about it?

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Burnout Working From Home

There is an interetsing article in the news this morning "Bumble closes to give burnt-out staff a week's break". In what has been a extraordinary 15 months of working from home during various lockdowns; many companies are now reasling that their staff have been working longer hours, into the evenings, as well as juggling home schooling - and quite frankly, people are burnt-out. As the summer months are upon us and holidays start to get booked (even if they are 'stay-cations') we foresee that the world of recruitment , from a job seekers point of view may be quiet, even though there are an abundnace of jobs in the market! Most people are feeling the effect of not only juggling more than usual, but also the anxiety of the pandemic and it's been a stressful time. People are emotionally and physically burnt-out. So what's the solution?

We have been asked by several clients, what other companies are doing to ease getting back into the office. Should they continue to offer working from home and flexible working? From our experience with the people we speak to, some employees are desperate to get back into an office to see their colleagues and have a change of scenery. Others have thrived working from home and been more productive in their own space with a quiet, at home desk. Given the diversity and differences in peoples at home situations, we have receommended that employers continue to offer a level of flexibility to their staff. None of us know what 'the new norm' looks like yet. Although we all need to pay attention to ourselves and our staff and ensure everyones wellbeing - both mental and physical, is in good shape.

Surely, we all want to come out of this pandemic fighting fit and ready to do great things, not crawl out of it, burnt-out, exhausted and drained. So let's take stock, speak to our employees and ensure that everyone is refreshed this summer and ready to accomplish marvellous things!