​Why is ghosting in the recruitment world becoming such an issue?

​Why is ghosting in the recruitment world becoming such an issue?

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Ghosting In Recruitment

The phrase ghosting used to refer to online dating, when people disappeared and stopped all forms of communications, not responding to texts, emails or answers the phone. In recent years ghosting has crept into the job market, from both parties of employers and potential employees. From a recruiter perspective, I can understand that sometimes with the sheer volume of applications, this means not everyone has the time or resources to respond to all applicants. Although, when people have put the time and effort into preparing for and attending interviews, then they should be updated on feedback from the interviews and next steps of the process. This has been an ongoing issue for many in the process. Even Forbes has been reporting on this subject with this article A New Study By Indeed Confirms That Ghosting During The Hiring Process Has Hit Crisis Levels

Although as we come out of the pandemic, the job market is booming, and the UK jobs vacancies are at a 20-year high. At Talent Hub, we have seen first-hand the requirements for specialist skills sets is in demand, especially in ecommerce, CRO, UX, Paid Media and mostly digital marketing. As online retail and comms continues to grow, our clients in these sectors are expanding at a rapid rate.

It’s a candidate driven market, that’s for sure. And recruiters and employers get enough bad press about ghosting candidates, but I would like to stand up for the recruitment industry and say that we are not all that bad. And we are getting ghosted by candidates more than ever before. At all stages of the process. So many people apply for jobs and then never answer the phone or reply to emails. Some people have a thorough interview with our team at Talent Hub, about specific jobs or to discuss their experience and job search – then we get ghosted. Also, some people have gone to client interviews, prepared for them, taken time off and then when we are looking for their feedback… ghosted!I don’t understand. I know we live in a crazy world, times have been challenging and tough, peoples anxieties about returning to work are at an all-time high. But I don’t understand why anyone would waste their time on the job market, interviewing and discussing jobs they are not serious about.

If anyone has any insights to this crazy situation, please do let us know.

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