Talent Hub was launched 12 years ago today!

Talent Hub was launched 12 years ago today!

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12 Years Ago Today For Th Web

Talent Hub launched 12 years ago today! 🥂

They say time flies when you’re having fun… where has 12 years gone?! It’s been quite the journey, with lots of amazing people and companies; there are so many stories. On this time to reflect, here are a few things we have learned and that have changed - some more serious than others 😉

  •  We’re working on job titles that didn’t even exist 12 years ago! 

  •       Company benefits and flexible working are as important now, as the salary.

  •       Recruitment is more like matchmaking or a dating agency - with business skills. Everyone’s looking for chemistry.

  •       We’ve been ghosted more times than single people on Tinder!

  •       Not everyone’s version of URGENT is the same ;-)

  •       How interviews are conducted has totally changed. F2F mostly now means video calls. (Even though were doing interviews via Skype years before Covid and the explosion of Zoom and Teams.)

  •      ‘Skills of the moment’. Sometimes it feels like all our clients are looking for the same people / skillset. And those people can be like Gold Dust. 

  •       It’s not personal when clients don’t like the people as much as we do, or vice versa. We think most of our contacts are fabulous.

  •       Not everyone is as passionate about this as we are.

  •       Building strong relationships with job seekers often leads to respectful client relationships. Like the Circle of Life.

  •       Working with like-minded people is the best part of our jobs.

  •       The job market is temperamental beast, constantly keeping us on our toes. We have worked with (and continue to) with some of the best marketing people around, and fantastic clients who are a pleasure to work with.

Long may it continue… the fun, learning, growing (not just my waistband) and the privilege to work with amazing people - you know who you are ;-) 

Thanks to all. Right, back to work x