Talent Hub went to BrightonSEO

Talent Hub went to BrightonSEO

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Talent Hub went to BrightonSEO

Learning about the Digital World and working with digital marketers is what we LOVE. Keeping up to date with the latest Google updates and developments within SEO and Digital is our focus. Having attended the BrightonSEO conference in Brighton last week, here are some things we learned.

We have 3 top SEO takeaways for you:

  • SGE update Google Search Generative Experience. This is the next phase of SEO. Integrating generative AI with a set of search and interface capabilities creating Google engine search queries responses. Focus on your user to gain the best results! Here’s an interesting article from Search Engine Land we have entered a “Gemini era” of Google!

  • Embracing SEO and PPC together in your digital strategy to work together to connect with your audience and engage with your brand. You will drive visibility, combat negative digital PR, test organic keywords with PPC. A match made in heaven.

  • BrandSEO really interesting topic here. We are doing this at Talent Hub and will be delving into our brand presence and what Google thinks about us as well as how our customers view and rate the Talent Hub brand. Reviewing your Content, UX, Technical as well as Links which encircle your SEO strategy provides you with the keys to open the door to developing your BrandSEO. Leveraging authenticity driving SEO results and SEO efforts. Don’t clutter your SERP’s!

Many more developments are on the horizon and it’s an exciting time for SEO’s and digital marketers, enhancing audiences desire for information and knowledge. As well as driving your brand awareness, customer acquisition and a credible user experience across websites.

We had a fab time meeting lots of interesting people, seeing some fascinating presentartions and leant a lot.

New job alert!! We have a new job in this sector: SEO Content Manager joining a South London based Tech company.

Here’s a link to the job spec where you can apply today https://www.talenthubresourcing.com/job/seo-content-manager-j211

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