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Temp & Contract Jobs

Temp & Contract Jobs

​​​Looking to hire someone for a fixed term contract or just looking for temp work?

​For the past 2 years we have found that our clients require more flexible and fluid solutions to the staffing of their marketing departments. So we have been supplying them with contractors and also temps that are employed through Talent Hub. Allowing employers to take people on when required whether for a big project, maternity cover or just a quick solution in their hiring needs. Whether it's three, six or twelve month contracts; any marketing discipline and any sector - we can help and will manage the process.

We have the latest up to date contracts from specialist employment lawyers, that are IR35 compliant. We also have a system in place which manages timesheets and payroll, there is even an App to manage this, making it easier for everyone involved in sign-off and approvals.

  • If you would like to hear more about this works, get in touch.

  • If you are looking for a contract or temp position see our vacancies here

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