“Have you received any feedback yet?” Managing the marketing interview experience

“Have you received any feedback yet?” Managing the marketing interview experience

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“Have you received any feedback yet?”

Managing the marketing interview experience

Working as a recruiter, specialising within the Marketing and Digital Marketing Sector for over 12 years, I have seen a number of changes as you can imagine from skills sets to job brief requirements as well new industry sectors emerging. What remains a key focus for me is the people I work with and their experience throughout their job seeking journey and importantly whilst at interview stage. I value my clients on both sides of the sphere.

After a detailed video meet to discuss and provide feedback on the required marketing job, I work with marketers, meet to discuss their interest and relevant experience explain the job and the employers company and why this could be a good opportunity to explore further, if indeed it meets their aspirations! Once applications are made, CV’s and recommendations sent across it’s how they are then treated from this point and throughout the recruitment process which creates lasting employer impressions.

This experience reflects on whether they build a connection with the hiring manager, resonate their own values with the companies and ultimately want to accept an offer, if this is presented. Securing the talent employers need; saving them time and money without going back to the dreaded ‘drawing board’.

Commit to the process. I believe it’s important to keep selected marketers updated throughout the recruitment process with feedback, within a set time after their interview. When I manage a recruitment project, I advise to pre-book interview dates for 1st and 2nd stages and have a date in mind to consider when you’d like to offer and when the selected marketer would ideally join your team. This has resulted in a successful experience, even if the marketer isn’t successful at that time, their ‘experience’ of your brand will resonate with them onwards in a positive way.

In this busy world, taking time to be kind, give feedback and be compassionate about the effort and energy that people put into finding a new job; this will all deliver a supportive a journey where everyone involved will gain some value.

If you’d like to discuss a managed recruitment project for your Marketing or Digital Marketing vacancy on a temporary, contract or permanent basis it would be wonderful to talk.